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About Us doing business as Global One Inc, USA is a new platform to tell the story of Africa by Africans. There is a belief that the story of Africa has been twisted over the years. The good side of Africa is shielded and the bad side is rather trumpeted. Investors are scared to invest in Africa due to misinformation. With Africa being the emerging market of the world, the true story of Africa must be told to erase any negative perception people have about it. This would really help to market the business potentials of the Africa continent.

The platform is the number one site to produce the undiluted history and current happenings in Africa. The world would no longer be ignorant about the African continent. Another focus on this site to honor the icons of Africa who have paid their dues to mother Africa in the fields of Politics, Business, Education, Entertainment and any activity that seeks to promote the Africa continent.

Additionally, seeks to encourage and reward outstanding youth who excel in their area of operation.
Again, the site has a database for young businesses in Africa to attract investment. Business seminars would be organized in the various African countries for capacity building. In furtherance to this, an ecommerce site by name has been created to primarily market made in Africa products and advertising good business deals all over the world.
Finally, people can listen and watch our daily Positive Africa News!

To project the positives of Mother Africa and CELEBRATE the Sons and Daughters of Africa!

To provide a bank of information about Africa so ignorance would no longer be an excuse.
To nurture and empower entrepreneurs to create generational businesses.
To market the investment potentials in Africa!

HISTORY was launched by Global One Inc, a company incorporated in the state of Ohio to correct the false impression people have about Africa. With its few months in existence, the site has been a force to reckon with as the leading source of information on Africa as traffic to the site is beyond imagination. The company has conducted research for investors who hitherto were uncomfortable doing business in Africa. We provide accurate information and the right channels of doing business so the fear of being duped or scammed is erased completely.

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1150 Morse Road. Ste 307
Columbus OH. 43229
Tel:  +1 (888) 300 8873

West Africa Office
Comzane Plaza, Room 2
Community 6,Tema.
Tel: +233 (024) 438 8785

East Africa Agent
Hut to Hut
Lab1 Geomatics Engineering,
University of Zambia,
Lusaka, Zambia
Tel: +260 (096) 964 8715

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